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“hey do u like plants” (me flirting) 

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Coraline (2009)

now take a moment to remember that this is all stop-motion animation

now take another moment to remember this was a movie/animation for kids.

Based on a book written for kids.

Not sure what the big deal about that is? It’s only Americans who seem to think kids can’t handle anything slightly unpleasant, and must have everything sanitized for them. Neil Gaiman is British, he knows that kids are not only very capable of dealing with darkness, but live in a world much darker than adults seem to think or remember kids do.
Children’s stories from everywhere else around the world deal with death, and violence, and morbid, scary things, quite frankly.

I agree









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Looks like a Scene from… by Ming chai on Flickr.

“I danced around as Isadora Duncan at four years old. And my parents said ‘What are we gonna do?’ I’d pay my brother 50 cents a week, just to dance with me, just because I loved to dance so much. I didn’t want to go to ballet school every day, and study, and kill myself either; because I knew I couldn’t bluff my way through, say Russian ballet. So I had to figure out another way to do something wonderful without working at it. So as a real little girl I started singing along with the Beach Boys, learning all the words … Working out my routine, sort of, and that’s not easy when the mirror starts at right where your chest starts, and you’re trying to work out the whole stage show, but that’s what I did.”
Stevie Nicks, rock n’ roll ballerina.

You know what? I love myself. Not many people can say that about themselves but I hope ONE day that you might be able to.

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So I haven’t made a text post in ages and most of you won’t care, but i have had the best time of my life these past two years. I have fallen in love with my best friends and I know no matter where I go, I’ll always love them more than any other people I have come across. I’ve found a boy who treats me right and is coming to see me in august and he loves me so much and I think he’s the cutest thing. Everything is happening so fast and I’ve come to the realization that life moves forward and even though you go through a lot of shit or you have a shit storm coming, know that everything passes and you’ll always find a way to get through it or ride on it. I love you all so much and I see the world differently because of you all now. Thank you.